Anuk Octa

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Anuk Octa is an amazing 8person technical cotton tent, with a unique look and a fantastic inner climate. 


Octa is a unique-styled luxurious glamping tent, a four-season tent that fits in a large sports bag that is included in your purchase.

The tent fabric is TCA blanded (Technical cotton) with 65 % of polyester and 35 % of cotton. TCA is light weighted and dries up merely fast. 

The tent doesn’t have a center pole construction which gives you a greater use of the tents interior. The vertical sides and framed door makes it a much more practical shape with full utilization of the ground space and an entrance that does not take in water if opened during rain. Octa has a shaped groundsheet that includes your purchase. Also the two doors have a built in mosquito net and can be changed into two magnificent windows (windows are not included to the tent purchase).  


Anuk Octagon information: 


  • Tent fabric, central unit, tent frame and wedges. 
  • approx. 20 kilograms 
  • diameter 4 meters, length 3,7 meters, height 2,15 meters 
  • surface area 11,3 m2 


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