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Anuk Octa is an amazing 8person technical cotton tent, with a unique look and a fantastic inner climate. 


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Anuk Hexa is a six-person glamping tent with a wonderful dome design, the design of which has been designed to utilize the usability of the tent’s interior. The structure of Anuk tents does not have the middle pole of a traditional tall tent, which takes a surprising amount of the usability of the tent’s interior space.

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Glamping tents are wonderful accommodation options that combine closeness to nature and luxury. These tents are larger than standard tents and often have comfort features such as real beds, soft bedding and decor that is more like a hotel room than a campsite.

Glamping tents are designed to offer their guests a luxurious and relaxing holiday in the middle of nature. They are often placed in wonderful environments, such as in the middle of a forest, on the shore of a lake or on top of a mountain, so the scenery is wonderful and the surrounding nature is easily accessible.

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